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Released in 2002, Soldier of Fortune II Double Helix still persists as a classic old school favorite thanks to various content creators and media managers (credited at the bottom of the page). The game can easily be like a machine that you have to fine tune, constantly screw around with to get it feeling good. This is very wholesome and inspiring. In this new age of game portals, with Steam and Epic, this aspect is almost lost. While you're in game it's simple point and shoot; no pay to win or cosmetic bullshit. The ability to lean around corners and throws knives are also great features in this game. Below you can find documentation and game addons that are compatible with community hosted servers including our own.

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SBG and Affiliate Servers

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Mappacks and Maps for SBG Server 2

Below is a list of map packs that we have available for Soldier of Fortune II.

Extract downloaded zip files and copy the individual pk3 files to your game's base folder.

NameMapsRelease DateFile SizeMirrors
MapPack 1




January 19th, 201929MB

Connecting to a server

Sof2 Internet Server List

Upon entering the game for the first time, you will have the option to customize your character's name and appearance. Afterwards, you can follow the illustration above to connect to a server.